Feather & Flower Tiles

Terms & Conditions


Please read all the terms and conditions set out below;

Please check that the type of goods and the amount are correct as ordered as mistakes cannot be rectified later. It is understood that tile is a product where colours and patterns may vary. Should a product become unavailable for any reason, the purchaser will accept a suitable alternative or terminate the contract. Wastage of 10% should be allowed on all areas.

Once the product is installed it is understood that this is an acceptance of the product, and no claim may be made in relation to colour/grade/suitability or amount. This should all be checked by the purchaser prior to installation.

All sizes should be checked by the purchaser prior to installation we can only provide the amount and type of goods outlined on the invoice. The buyer will be aware that this contract only becomes binding on acceptance by the seller. The seller reserves the right to discontinue the contract if the purchaser has a change in credit rating or due to a Force Majeure or other circumstance which renders the relationship untenable.

The purchaser will take responsibility for the site conditions and all aspects of installation. The purchaser is responsible for providing proper temperature and humidity at site. Every site should be checked for humidity and moisture. Material warranties are solely those of the manufactures of the materials specified. The purchaser agrees to look solely to the manufacture for all warranty claims. The purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be responsible for any damage arising as a result of failure of misuse of the product.

Purchaser will be aware that the job site temperature and moisture conditions can adversely affect adhesion of the tile product to the substrate and as such the purchaser agrees that the seller shall not be held responsible for any debonding, etc or other reaction of wood to moisture of dryness without regard to size, grade or previous conditions of the material.

Flooring held by the seller over 30 days will become available for re-sale and a delay may occur when the product is requires. It is understood that appearance and wear and tear will be affected by the condition and maintenance of the floor.


All goods remain the property of the Caementa Tiles until the payment has been made in full.


Please let us know of any parking restrictions or vehicle access challenges. If parking requires permission or additional permits, you will need to arrange this ahead of the appointment at your own cost. If you don't provide the relevant parking permissions or let us know on limited access to your property and we're unable to park to access your property, this will result in your delivery being cancelled. If your delivery appointment is cancelled and you need to re-book a delivery appointment a re-delivery charge fee will be charged. The delivery type is Kerbside, which palletised delivery of goods, which would off loaded and left on your driveway. It would be your responsibility to bring the products into the property.

Courier delivery, where products will be off loaded and brought into property are possible to arrange in advance at extra charge.


An invoice is required for all returns.

Refunds can be made on unused, unopened full boxes within 7 days from the delivery date.

We operate a strict 7 day return policy; this is in the main due to batch differences / end of line changes.

A 20% handling charge will be due on all returns.

In all circumstances deposits are absolutely non-refundable.

No refunds on accessories, adhesive, door bars, underlay, mails or beading etc, etc.

No refunds on special order products.


If you require a fact sheet on floor maintenance or have any specific questions please contact one of our sales advisors.

If you or your fitter is unclear or unsure of any aspect to do with the fitting please seek advice. Please contact us prior to installation with any quires. Do not install any floor without moisture testing.